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don't lose your soul

hungry ghosts, spiritual vampires, chupacabras and my ex-girlfriends

24 May 1971
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Are you boring? Do you talk constantly about yourself without caring about other people and their problems? Then you are most likely an average American. Do you have a job you hate or friends that you really don't like that much but put up with because without them you would have nothing to do on Friday nights, and no one to go to the clubs with and have random sex? Then you are probably the average San Franciscan women. Are you lonely? Are you afraid of death? Do you need other people in order to be happy? Can you admit this to yourself? If so you are very rare indeed. Lets get the fuck over ourselves and make real connections with other humans, the world doesn't have to be a cold sad place, you assholes are making it this way with your greed, with selfishness and your pretense of self reliance. People grow up, take chances, stop numbing yourself, let yourself be vulnerable, pain is assured whether you curl up into a protective ball of solitude or let life happen to you, and try to connect with others and love them. The choice is, of course, yours entirely. You can waste your oh so short lives doing things that other people tell you, or that you think will make you happy, you can take the easy road, you can close your mind's and your heart's, I am begging you, for all of us, please choose a different path. Heaven and hell are right in front of you, the only moment you have is this very second, there is no tomorrow and no yesterday, throw away your timetables and your plans and live in the only time you really have, this moment, and live it fully, if you are going to eat a cheeseburger, don't just eat it, eat the fuck out of it, take huge bites of life, walk down roads you don't know, make your life interesting, don't choose A, don't choose B, choose to live a life unbounded by what your are afraid others might think. Think for yourself.